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The Implementation Manual and Catalog of Professional Development Elements is a practical guide for organizations planning to implement Portal to the Public. It represents the experiences of Portal to the Public sites and is supported by research and evaluation results.

Manual Contents

The seven chapters in the manual are designed around the main components of the Portal to the Public guiding framework. The chapters guide you through the process of developing successful conversation-based public programs featuring scientists.

Chapter 1: The Guiding Framework

Chapter 2: Conceptual Planning

Chapter 3: Partnership and Relationship Building

Chapter 4: Professional Development

Chapter 5: Public Programs

Chapter 6: Organizational Sustainability

Chapter 7: Case Studies

The manual includes a set of appendices with resources such as recruiting materials, program planning documents, and sample marketing materials.

The Catalog of Professional Development Elements includes detailed professional development procedures and sample workshop agendas to prepare scientists for meaningful, face-to-face interactions with public audiences. The catalog is intended to be a practical guide to creating and facilitating professional development experiences for scientists.

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