PoPNet Resources

Portal to the Public developed a set of concepts to help organizations build and expand programs to bring together scientists and public audiences. These concepts and strategies are described in the Portal to the Public Implementation Manual, a practical resource for organizations planning to implement the Portal to the Public approach.
Implementation Manual

The Implementation Manual is a practical guide for organizations planning to implement Portal to the Public. In 2018, an updated Implementation Manual was released, with new professional development activities and other updates that reflect changes in the field over the last decade. To learn more or download the Manual as a PDF file, here.

Research and Evaluation Reports

Portal to the Public has been supported by ongoing research and evaluation from external evaluators. The following reports share findings from the first two iterations of the Portal to the Public project.

Summative Evaluation: Comparative Case Studies of Implementation at Five Sites (2011)

Portal to the Public Network: Summative Evaluation Report (2014)

The Impact of Portal to the Public: Creating an Infrastructure for Engaging Scientists in Informal Science Education (2017)

Synthesis Meeting Reports
The original Portal to the Public project was bookended by two Synthesis Meetings, which brought together scientists and informal science educators to inform the work of the Portal to the Public project. The resulting reports include discussions from the meetings, lessons learned, and best practices and research results useful for the field.

Face-to-Face with Scientists: Exploring the Features of Face-to-Face Interactions between Scientists and Public Audiences

The Path Forward: Lessons Learned and Recommendations from the Portal to the Public Second Synthesis Meeting